An experience like no other

The mission of Southern Breeze Bridal & Events Services is to provide our clients with their very own unique designs that will make their special day or event a (one-of-a-kind) memorable occasion.

Our business was launched on May 28, 2011. Our objective is to have the client as involved in the total process as they wish to become, thereby eliminating the chances of it being just another cookie cutter event, or if you wish, you can leave all the planning up to Southern Breeze and feel confident that your event will be a success.

We provide our clients with specialty services that are unique to our brand name (Southern Breeze) as it is to the industry. Our goal is to have each client realize the event or wedding of their dreams, and for the couple to begin their new lives with cherished memories of their special day with families and friends that will last a life time, and have them reflect on the services they received from Southern Breeze Bridal & Events Services.